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Correct wheel alignment will reduce the wear and tear on your car and extend the life of your tyres

What does wheel alignment mean?

Sometimes referred to a “tracking”, wheel alignment is the process of making sure all your wheels are, in the most basic terms, facing the direction you want to go. This puts all four wheels in straight contact with the road surface.

While the two are often confused, wheel alignment is not the same as wheel balancing. We including wheel balance free of charge when we supply new tyres. 


Why does my car need wheel alignment?

Accurate wheel alignment to the manufacturers specification gives you better fuel economy, smoother handling and better braking distances. With all four wheels correctly aligned, your car will be safer on the road and you will also save money.

Symptoms of incorrect alignment can be hard to detect but can include your car pulling to one side when you’re driving, extra noise when going around corners or irregular wear appearing across the width of your tyres. The irregular wear is caused by the tyres not running correctly relative to the road surface.

If your alignment is out it can cause excessive wear to your tyres and problems with steering or suspension.

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What causes incorrect alignment?

Wheel alignment can be affected by hitting the curb or a pothole in the road or travelling regularly on gravel or bumpy roads. Unfortunately, after the recent winters, this probably describes your daily commute!


When does my car need wheel alignment?

Your car would have left the factory with the precise settings required by the manufacturer but as the suspension settles it can quickly move out of line. We would recommend a wheel alignment check 3 – 6 months after collecting your new car.

After this we recommend checking the wheel alignment every year. Certainly, if you hit a deep pothole or feel another impact we would advise having the alignment checked again.


How long does wheel alignment take?

Checking your wheel alignment and carrying out the requirement adjustments usually takes approximately an hour for all four wheels. Occasionally we come up against seized locking nuts, track rods or the like as these elements are exposed to water, dirt and salt under the car. Should this happen we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

How do you check the wheel alignment?

Your wheel alignment will be checked by an expert using full Laser Wheel Alignment Technology. We can check all four wheels on your car to ensure they are adjusted back to the manufacturer’s original specification with the highest degree of accuracy.

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Visit your local Beaconsfield garage for convenient and reliable car maintenance and servicing