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Simple car care in Beaconsfield: maintenance made easy

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  • 99% of customers rate our Service Advisers as Very or Extremely Helpful
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  • Established over 25 years with a fully experienced team

Visit your local Beaconsfield garage for convenient and reliable car maintenance and servicing

Excellent Customer Service

When you bring your car to AJ Dunlop Car Servicing you can be assured you and your car are in good hands: 99% of our customers recommend us.  Excellent customer service is very important to us and those same 99% of customers rate our Service Advisers as Very or Extremely Helpful.

Where can I get simple, trustworthy advice?

Alex established AJ Dunlop Car Servicing over 25 years ago and he still runs the business today with a great team that includes several members of his family. You can trust Alex and the team to give you clear, helpful and dependable advice. You will be given transparent, helpful information and recommendations about the real needs and requirements of your car, with no obligation and no unnecessary add-ons.

If you would like a free health check for your car to see what is needed please do get in touch.

“I trust them and am always more than happy with the work carried out.”
Mr H of Beaconsfield

Which areas do you cover? Will you pick up my car?

We can arrange to collect your car from Beaconsfield, Seer Green, Wooburn Green and Gerrards Cross – or anywhere up to 4 miles away. There is a £12 fee for this service (not available on Saturdays). This way you can plan your day without the hassle of dropping off your car at the garage. Just let us know when you book in your car and relax knowing it’s all arranged.

We also have courtesy cars so please do ask for availability.

Our Services


Regularly servicing your car will ultimately save you money and keep your car running smoothly and efficiently

MOT at AJ Dunlop


MOTs aren’t very exciting, but all cars over three years old must have one by law. See how we can make getting your MOT easier

Repairs & Breakdowns at AJ Dunlop

Repairs & Breakdown

From brakes to gearboxes and clutches, exhausts to warning lights, we can diagnose the fault and repair your car to get you safely on the road again

Brakes at AJ Dunlop


Stopping quickly and safely is essential. Listen to your car: worn pads and brake discs can be often be heard by a bad grating sound. We supply O.E. recognised manufacturers parts

Clutch Repair at AJ Dunlop


Losing power when going uphill, for example, could be due to a slipping clutch. We replace the clutch with genuine manufacturers parts, offering a lifetime parts and labour warranty

Gearbox at AJ Dunlop


Difficulty changing gear, a whirring or a knocking noise can be associated to a worn gearbox. Our skilled technicians can access the gearbox on the ramp while the car is running so we can listen to the fault and advise you

Exhaust Repair


A noisy exhaust normally means it will be leaking or broken.  Fun as it might sound an insecure exhaust has a strong chance of it coming off while driving risking damage to your car and others

Tyres at AJ Dunlop


Your tyres are your only contact between you and the road so it makes sense to check them regularly. We can replace, balance, align or simply advise

Wheel Alignment at AJ Dunlop

Wheel Alignment

Correct wheel alignment can reduce the wear and tear on your car and extend the life of your tyres - find out how

Motorbikes at AJ Dunlop

Motorbike MOTs

Whether your bike is vintage, modern or specialist, we’ll take care of your motorcycle MOT

Scooter at AJ Dunlop

Scooter MOTs

Your scooter is in safe hands, from classic Vesper or modern 400cc urban commuter or something between

Air Conditioning at AJ Dunlop

Air Conditioning

Essential to keep you cool in summer and to demist the screen in winter, we’ll keep your air conditioning at its best

What vehicles can you service and repair?

We can look after virtually any make of car and light van* (we have to be careful of height once it’s raised on our ramps!). Currently the oldest car we look after is a 1918 Sunbeam and we look after everything else from Fords to Ferrari, to VWs.

How else can you help me?

From delivery and collection, loan cars and free MOT and Service Reminders we aim to do everything possible to simplify the process of servicing, maintaining and repairing your car. If there is anything we can do that would make the it easier for you please do let us know.

“Have been coming here for a few years and receive great service every time”
Mr M. W, High Wycombe

Visit your local Beaconsfield garage for convenient and reliable

car maintenance and servicing

Visit your local Beaconsfield garage for convenient and reliable car maintenance and servicing