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Keeping your tyres in good condition will reduce your costs and keep you safe

What Are the Penalties for Driving With Faulty Tyres?

Aside from the obvious safety implications, driving a car with faulty tyres exposes you to the risk of a hefty fine and enough points to loose your licence – for every incorrect tyre there is a fine, currently standing at £2,500, plus 3 Penalty Points. Multiply those numbers by four and it really adds up.


How do I know how much air to put in?

Your tyre pressure settings are found in your owner’s manual and usually on a sticker around one of the door seals. Do make sure you keep to the recommended settings as over inflating can be just as bad as under inflating.

It’s easy to forget your tyres, but your tyres are responsible for your steering, braking and acceleration. Ensuring your tyres are safe can make the difference between being home in time for dinner …or not at all.

How do I know if my tyres are safe?

Try to check your tyres over once a month and follow these guidelines:

The legal minimum tread on a car tyre is 1.6mm but for the best grip we recommend you arrange to replace them once they reach 2mm. Even if you have a valid MOT certificate your vehicle will not be considered roadworthy if you allow the tread to wear below this point. There are very simple gadgets to help you check – many of which are small enough to tuck away in the glove box for easy reach.

Once you’ve checked the tread have a look at the sides of the tyres; the “walls”. If you see any bulges, nails or anything else that shouldn’t be there then the tyre could be unsafe.

Uneven wear on your tyres can be caused by a variety of factors including under- or over-inflating tyres, poor wheel alignment or faulty suspension. Check that the tread looks consistent across the tyre – for the best view across the tread turn the steering wheel on full lock to the left or the right.

Doing these checks can save you money on tyres, or even uncover something more serious before it breaks.

If you see anything that looks untoward, or you have any doubts, please phone us to arrange a free tyre check

What tyres do you fit?

We can fit all different brands of tyres from premium products through to economy options, all dependent on your budget and driving requirements. These include Bridgestone, Goodyear, Dunlop (of course!), Pirelli, Continental, Michelin, Avon, Firestone and others.

If you have a particular brand in mind or you need advice on the best option for you, simply call us.


How much does it cost?

When you buy a new tyres from us we will fit and balance them for you free of charge.

If you are getting new tyres fitted, or haven’t had the wheel alignment checked, you may want to extend the life of your tyres by using our Laser Wheel Alignment Service which costs only £60.

Please do call us on 01494 670510 for a quotation.


How often should I change my tyres?

If you are not travelling many miles and your tyres look fine you may still need to consider changing them. The materials in tyres lose their properties over 6-8 years and shouldn’t be used after 10 years.

Your spare tyre should be checked regularly (this isn’t covered by the MOT!) and replaced every 6-8 years.

If you have a classic car or caravan which is left standing the best solution is to remove the wheels and keep them somewhere cool, dry and away from sunlight …but not everyone has the luxury of doing this! Again, do check your tyres before the new season starts, especially if they are reaching 6 years old.

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Visit your local Beaconsfield garage for convenient and reliable car maintenance and servicing